Do your soul a favour…

You maybe tired of being strong….you always wished for a perfect life where everything goes exactly as you planned… but your life always turned you down.. it never went as you planned…

Right now your mind may threaten you to shut your heart and you may feel your soul left you a long time ago…now you are slowly abandoning who you are… you may have different reasons that’s hurting you deep inside…. I can see that you are emotionless, but the truth is you feel it too intensely….For you everything is too much, too much pain, too much sufferings just too much..and you are bleeding all over.

But you have to endure and keep moving. You can either continue in this downward spiral or take charge of the situation. I know you , your purpose in life now seem meaningless. A sense of failure is occupying your mind. All your dreams feel like nightmare’s… and you feel you are caged inside a world of negativity. When you reach out to people who can guide you, who can heal you. You realise that they never had enough time for you. You feel like a burden. When they tried to help you, it felt as if you are listening to a conversation that is not meant for you.

I can see that you are tired of everything. You are no longer the person that you used to be. You are guarding your heart and building walls around your mind to keep others out of the darkness that consumes you. I saw you standing in crowd smiling but you are smiling because it’s what is expected of you. That crowd around you is making you feel more lonelier.You wonder whether one day your lost soul will find its way back to you. I know you have made many mistakes in life and have repeated the same mistakes again and again but that was when life pushed you hard. Now you realize that there is no going back…and nothing is really working in life…

Trust me ,you are not the only one who goes through this… life always has a way of pulling us down every now and then…but we will fail once we accept defeat….. Never ever accept failure. you have to survive.Give yourself a chance. The only thing you have to do is start taking control over your thoughts and emotions ….just remember that you are the master of your existence….love yourself with your whole heart….believe that you are number one to yourself. Take care of yourself. You have a purpose in life ,you would not have been created if you did not. So you have to survive for the purpose you have not yet found …please don’t punish yourself …let it go…

Stop thinking about what you are gonna do with life. You should have the control of your thoughts and emotions. Drop your expectations, life is unpredictable. Happiness, success ,sorrows whatever… just accept it. Just let it be…. I don’t know the exact reason behind your current state…but remember nothing will last forever…When happiness and success finds you remember you may fall at the next moment… But never forget to celebrate because you deserve to celebrate, and be celebrated. When you feel sad or lost , just cry out loud but never hold on there.. you have to move forward.When you have problems just face it, never hide….Take it all with a smile knowing that when you emerge ,you will be stronger than you were ever before….When you are hit by problems one after another just take a deep breath and say “next please..!” Be a fighter and let it go..

Accept all your mistakes as early as possible…Beware! life will push you hard ,you will make mistakes, it will make you nervous, it will make you feel dead but that is what life is… you can’t undo what’s already done there is no going back in life neither a pause button. What you have to do is try not to repeat your mistakes . Close one chapter, open another and move forward.. Learn from your mistakes…and let it go…

We human beings have a very common habit of judging things . You may have experienced failures in relations…the toughest thing to digest ever!! At times you blame yourselves for this. That you couldn’t be good enough or sometimes you conclude simply that you can’t handle anything anymore and then you desolate yourself from everyone around you. You slowly enter to that phase of life where accepting new people becomes a big challenge…ever felt the same ??? Yes it’s normal to have that feeling….so when you reach out for others remember just as we can fail to fulfill our expectations others have the right to fail ours. Just give it a thought then you’ll understand that your expectations don’t oblique others to fulfill them. When you reach out to find a hand to hold on, don’t expect a miracle…. People who really cares for you.. prays for you..who truly wants to be a part of your life, will always be there for you. Know that god loves you enough to remove people that doesn’t align with his purpose for you… So never blame yourself just accept and let it go…

Each day of yours whether good or bad are just chapters of a book..every chapter is important though some may seem difficult while some easy but they give us a lesson..a lesson to follow a lifetime and together they build us, to a strong person….When you find it difficult, get a hold of yourself, Endure it and let it go…..

I know that the scar in your heart is too deep. Now you are carrying it with you. You are watching the world around you through those scars . Never be ashamed of the scars that life gave you. It shows you have endured it and you are healing yourself . But never watch the world around you through those scars, don’t allow them to make you live your life in fear. Start seeing those scars as a sign of strength not pain. Let it go…

When you go through this blogg you may feel that I am someone, with loads of positivity and that I can easily let go off things happened to me or maybe that I keep a positive approach towards everything in life .You may also feel that I’m very forgiving and nothing actually bothered me…then You are wrong! Even everything that happened to me pulled me down. Broke me into peices ..But none of those moments were on my plan; I hadn’t anticipated it coming. So whatever I have written it’s an advice for myself. This is what I try to remind me everyday. I’m trying hard to let go of everything. I’m trying hard to make me realize that everything happens for a reason…I’m trying …

I sincerely apologize to all my readers for not posting anything for a long time. I was busy with my classes and exams. I promise I won’t repeat this again… Wishing all my readers lots of happiness..

With love


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I wish I could change the lives of people around me !

107 thoughts on “Do your soul a favour…

  1. Breath, Relax, and Let it go😌😌😌… Ultimate life truth, Some people come like a change in your life and some as a curse… You just need to Breath and the shit they have created, Relax to recover, and let it go as if the never exist…

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  2. Low confidence.. u really need to work on this.. people carrying a scar will surely be someone who is really lagging.. definitely its a myth…practically people do move on..we know this already….

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Excuse ms.Rubina..mind ur language. Dont judge someone without even knowing dem .u dont even know or cant even imagine how confident she is..and it takes courage to stand in a platform like dis. And also.. dis blogg is not just for u its for anyone and everyone u disagree wid dis..its ur point..dere are still soo many followers to support and love her.. so keep ur attitude in ur pocket🙏

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    2. Dear rubina i don’t think that you have gone through my blog clearly buy yeh thank you for stating your opinion…. as the writer I’m obliged to reply….you wrote that people carrying a scar is someone who is lagging….but i would say you are extremely wrong…they all evidence that you have lived.. it’s never a myth its a truth… most people carry scars in life it shows that you have survived your past….just give it a thought and you maybe someone who is full of positivity and can alwys move forwrd but most people can’t let go of their pain and move on …if everyone decide to let go there won’t be any depression or suicides around us and even if they do so they will carry their past with them..that’s normal human nature…. so i have requested everyone to breathe, relax and let go…try reading it once again rubina without skipping any parts…..#keep supporting

      With love

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      1. Neyy enathinaadiyy…reply kodukkuneyy…its evident dat she had skipped most of ur blogg..and simply passed her comments on dis…dey dont derserve a reply.. neeyy verutheyy reply kodukkuneyyaa…

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  3. I know its really tough to compete here..but u r truly amazing dear Dona. Sorry if my statement hurted u ..but his comments were really disappointing

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  4. Hi dear…it feels great to see you back with yet another great topic..its true that thousands of students out there struggle a lot to come out of their past experiences and bloggs like this is really helpful kutta.. you are truly blessed with wisdom ..May God bless u abundantly. Iam a retired teacher ..I used to share knowledge at radcliffe school kochi ❤

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  5. Hi dona…welcome back…u really made us wait.. but never mind coz this topic and the way u have presented it say proudly say again that u are truly adorable.. 😘😘this is a sensitive topic for many but without hurting anyone u straightly made it to the heart❤ really impressive…soo proud of u dear …love u 😍😍😘😘😍🤗🤗🤗

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    1. I can see that you are emotionless, but the truth is you feel it too intensely….For you everything is too much, too much pain, too much sufferings just too much..and you are bleeding all over. Very true ❤️

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  6. Although not a fan of long stuff but this really touched me, this felt like an open letter to myself … Thank you so much and please do write more in English so our feeds be blessed with your heartfelt words~💝🥰

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