Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

I have been nominated for ideal inspiration blogger award by muralikrish sir (vivid impressions)… I am just a beginner… started blogging recently and this is the first being nominated for an award… I am really thankful to muralikrish sir for the nomination…Thank you sir.. I am feeling so happy and delightful…and I request all my dear readers to follow muralikrish sir ..his everyday expressions are really amazing.. Do follow him


▪Thank the person who nominated you and provide link back to his or her blog

▪Answer all the questions

▪Nominate upto 9 bloggers and ask them 5 New questions

▪Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog

▪List the rules and display the ideal inspiration blogger award “logo”

▪Provide the link of award creator of ideal inspiration as rising star

My answers for the questions of Muralikrish sir

1)What are the three that you want to learn?

I believe we are students always and learning is a never ending process…. So it’s not just three things…I have a lot to learn….

2)What inspired you to write?

I started writing just because my friend forced me….and all of my writings are related to my own life ….i write everything inspired by my own experiences in life…

3)One quote that motivates you always?

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself”

4)What do you want to convey through your blog?

It’s a journey to myself… I wish i could inspire others through my own life…

5)What do you want to learn from 2020?

Lessons of survival


My questions for the nominees –

1)You are told that you will die within next 2 days… What will be the first three things that you would do before your death?

2)Write a sentence to describe your father and mother?

3)What do you want to convey through your bloggs?

4)What is the most precious thing that you can give someone and why?

5)What is the most valuable thing in life? (in one word)

I request all the nominees to answer the questions.


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I wish I could change the lives of people around me !

107 thoughts on “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

  1. Oh yaa..finally my blogger is nominated for an award…echayan iss soooo proud of u baby.. can’t wait to see u 😂💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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  2. Off course we should be proud of her…not having an ancestor in this platform of blogging..she came alone and is shining as the brightest star of the galaxy..she is fabulous in terms of blogging ..friendship.. as a daughter to her parents or as a sibling to her naughty bros..she is awesome in whatever she do….only a complaint I as a reader want u to write more coz even ur best friend is proud of you ..and virtually sending u loads of good luck and flowers on ur success..💍👑💍💍💍💎💎😍🤩🤩

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  3. Probably I am the Only excited reader of urs to follow ur blogg using 2 accounts… It’s awesome to see u post in English. 😁😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi dona ..congratulations dear….this is just the begining….many more success stories to come..😍 eagerly waiting to read the next blogg.. convey my regards to ur parents and friends… all the best sweetheart ✨🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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